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How To Make Money Online From Blue Host Affiliate Program

Make Money Online From Blue Host Affiliate Program

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Blue Host web page

How to, bring traffic from Google Search as well as,, how to use Quora kind platforms to, bring more and more traffic to your blog.,, Now let's discuss how can, you make more money from your blog

Affiliate marketing passive income Blue Host Affiliate Program

In today's video, I'm going to, review BlueHost Affiliate The program, If you have a blog around blogging or you want to make more revenue from web hosting affiliate programs.,

There are three things, we are going to talk about in today's',

 1. How much money are we able to make from, BlueHost Affiliate program and its' earning potential.

2. Reasons to promote BlueHost Affiliate Program.,,

3. What kind of content should you be creating to get maximum sales from the BlueHost Affiliate Program.

 so, first of all, let's talk about how we, are doing with a Bluehost affiliate program. 

So for this let me take you to my BlueHost, Affiliate Program Dashboard,,

Opening BlueHost Affiliate DashBoard, If you look at my BlueHost Dashboard, So far, I've got around 14 sales and earned $1400 USD,, and 278 total clicks,, So, I'm getting paid around $100 USD, for every sale that I'm sending to BlueHost,,*Calculating BlueHost Affiliate Total Revenue...,, 

Screenshot: $32K+ USD from, the BlueHost Affiliate Program,, If you look at 1st Tier 2016, ,Total Clicks: 1378,,Total Sign Ups: 14,,Total Earnings: $910 USD,, So it's like, Conversation Rate was 01.00 %,, So we were getting sales after every 100th Click.,, If we go to 2017,, Total Clicks:3753. Total Sign-Ups: 19,, and the earnings were $6192 USD,, If you do the Math,,, Conversion Rate was 2.4% and, we were getting sales after 40 - 50 clicks.,,from BlueHost Affiliate Program,,In 2018,,,Total Clicks: 3272 and Total SignUps: 190,,and Total Earnings: $1800+ USD., If you do the calculations,, we were able to get 5% the conversion rate in 2018.,,and let's see how we have done so far in 2020. If you look at the numbers. 

Total Clicks: 1356. Signups are 75 and corresponding, earnings are $7500 USD,, Again, the conversion rate in 2019 is more than 5%.,, If you see this graph, you can see we're, able to make more revenue from Blue Host,, Affiliate Program every year and, the conversion rate is also improving, We are able to make more than $1500 USD every month from Blue Host Affiliate Program Only. Now, let's go to the 'Stats' and, 

take you to the 'Payment History. to show you how much money we are getting every month from Blue Host Affiliate Program So  if you look at this, they happen to, make payments around 16 of every month So so far we have made $1400.00 USD this month. , Last month also was $1400.00 USD,, In March, we have made $1300.00 USD In Feb, it was $1500 USD In Jan, it was $1900 USD In December, it was $1800 USD In November, It was $2700.00 USD, due to Black Friday Sale So this is how we are able to make, revenue from Blue Host Affiliate Program So, If you look at, we are able to  make $1500 - $2000 USD every month from Blue Host Affiliate Program Only.,, So this is the amount we are able to generate, from Blue Host Affiliate Program But, there are many bogglers who are able to make 5 Figures income ($10K+) from Blue Host Affiliate Program only., Let me show you one example,

 Let me take you to Ryan Robison's, website and go to it's a blog section,, and now let's go to the site income reports,,*Opening Ryan Robison's Site Income Reports, Let’s check Ryan's April 2019 income reports,, If you scroll down,,*Scrolling Down...,, and here is his earnings for the month of April 2019,, He has made $58K+ USD in total and $42K+ USD comes from Blue Host Affiliate Program Only, So that is the true potential of, 

Blue Host Affiliate Program, You can make that much of money, from Blue Host Affiliate Program only., 

So this was the first part where we talked about, like how much money we're able to make from Blue Host and what is the true potential of Blue Host Affiliate. The program, 

Now, let's talk about the second part,, which is why should we, promote 'Blue host' as a product?, Let's go to this: 'Start A Blog', Page on my blog and click on this link,, You're going to be redirected to Blue host Page,, which is a special page for bogglers passion readers,, So there are few reasons due to which we should promote

 'Blue Host' as a product.,,

1. It is recommended by wordpress.org website.

2. With special discounts and offers,, you can save some money for your blog address, If you look at this screenshot, If people are buying Blue Host Hosting from our Link., They can get it for $2.95/month only, and in general, if they go to Blue Host, website then they will need to pay more, more basically so by offering the special discounts or deals we are able, to save some money from our blog readers, Then they will be getting a free domain and, they will be getting a FREE SSL Certificate as well., and they will be getting a 30, day Money back guarantee., 

It means if you're not happy with Blue Host services or, you can get the 'Full REFUND', from the date of purchase., 

so there is no risk involved on your end., You can try

 Blue Host Web Hosting for,30 days and If you're happy you can keep on using it, otherwise, you can ask for a refund within the first 30 days.

 Now comes the 3rd part which is -, What kind of content should we be promoting, to get more sales for Blue Host Affiliate Program, There are lots of ways to create content so as to generate more sales for 'Blue Host' or any web hosting product.,,

1. Create Product Reviews, In the case of Blue Host, it could be, Blue Host Review, Blue Host Word press Review, or Blue Host VPS Review or, any other the product they are promoting.,,

2. Create Comparison Posts, Like 'Blue Host' vs 'Site Ground'. 'Blue Host' vs 'WPX Hosting'. 'Blue Host' vs 'Host Gater, Idea is to do comparison posts of Blue Host with other hosting companies and how they are competing.,,

3.  How-to Manuals., Like 'How' to start a blog on 'BlueHost'?, How to start a Blog in '2020'?,or how to start a fashion blog, or technology blog or Hindi Blog, Beauty Blog. Basically taking ideas, from the industry you're working in., 

So you can create the whole process, around bluehost.com product as well, You can create 'Deals' and,'Discount' kind of pages on your Blog, You can create special pages for special events like 'Black Friday', 'Cyber Monday', 'Christmas' or 'New Year’, Around these times, web hosting, companies offer huge discounts, so you can get good amount of sales from Blue Host and other web hosting related companies, If you've checked the screenshot that I was sharing, 

 we were able to make good amounts of revenue, from Blue Host Affiliate Program, in the November Month,, Because in November, 

it was 'Black Then you can go for List kind of Posts like 'Top 10 posts' or maybe 'Cheapest Word press Hosting 'Best Managed Word press Hosting’, Top web hosts that offer 'FREE SSL Certificate’, So you can think of lots of content ideas where you can include Blue Host in the top position basically. and when you're working on any content-type, don't forget to use a keyword tool like SEMRush Ahrefts None of your content should go live on your blog without proper keyword research first., There should be at least one or two targeted keywords for each and every Blog post that you're doing on the blog. Once you have created the contents for your blog,, 

it is the time to promote them, Look for maximum ways to promote them. Creating Great Content is just Half Work Done., By the time if you don't promote your content - You can't expect more traffic from 'Google Search'. Most of the topics around 'Bogging', or 'Web Hosting' are very competitive, You need to build lots of quality, backlinks for your targeted pages., If you're aiming to get lots of targeted, traffic from 'Google Search’, So get lots of quality backlinks from those targeted pages from different sources, I have already created a blog post on my blog, where I use different ways, to build backlinks for my blog. You can just check that post, and see how you can create backlinks, for your web hosting related pages.

Apart from this, You can use Social Media websites, like 'Facebook', 'Quora', 'Twitter' or even 'Pinterest' to drive more and more traffic, to your web hosting related pages. Once you are implementing these techniques,, you'll be able to generate more revenue, from your blog, from web hosting, or any related products as well., 

Friends, in the case you have any questions about Blue Host Affiliate Program or any other program, You can use the comments section below., If you're liking my videos then don't forget to share, and subscribe to my youtube channel. and don't forget to press the 'Bell icon’., Guys, I'll keep coming up with more and more educational videos around 'Blogging' topics and keep watching. I'll see you in the next time ........?



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