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12 android secrets tricks You Should Try- 2020

Amazing Android SECRETS TRICKS

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android secrets tricks 

If you are one of those who think toggling, off the location button would do you any good, then, boy you are wrong because the real buttons are hidden deep inside the Google settings, and until you turn them off, Google and other apps will keep on tracking you. Hey guys, what’s up!

I will tell you 12 android secrets tricks for your Android device.  you don’t miss out on the latest technology secrets tricks from us. Now without any further ado, let’s get started,-

First, let’s hide our location from Google. To do that, head over to Google settings in, your Android phone, Tap on data personalization, and toggle off the location history. This way, Google won’t be able to track you at least for some time. 

Alright now, If you are someone who is having signal issues in your house?, No problem because we have got you covered.

 If you have a smartphone then you have the option in Android settings where you can actually, tell, the position where signals are the strongest.

 So now you won’t have to keep on jumping, here and there for signals.

 Now there are times when you miss a really, important notification in between all the, irrelevant notifications, but what if I tell, you I have a way through which you can see, all those missed notifications just like that.

 Just go to the widget settings, look for the settings icon, and assign it the “notification log”.

 Now that we are talking about notifications, why don’t we remove all the irrelevant notifications, like these offers and whatnot.

 Just tap on the “i” button near the app and look for the app’s notifications., Here, unpick the ones which you don’t want like I don’t want to know about the latest, offers so here I am unpicking the irrelevant ones.

 The best part is you can even remove the system, notifications and that is quite useful because I don’t always like it when my phone notifies, me about the screenshots that I took, so here is what I did.

 Gone are the days when you had to go to Google, translate the text, and then get back on searching., Now, the Gboard typing app can translate the text right there itself, just tap on Google, icon, and the translate button and you are, good to go, And just like me, if you are an all Languages speaker then this Android trick will prove pretty, useful to you.

Now, I know apps like Share IT are available, for fast sharing nowadays, but one of them, things with such apps is that they are bundled, with ads and unwanted content.

 So how about Files Go from Google, which not, only lets us share files easily but since, it’s Google, you can finally say good-bye, toads. And you also get a fantastic file manager app, without ads, and a junk cleaner as well so it’s a pretty sweet deal I think. Google Camera or the more common word “GCAM”. This is now a very popular hack but I think, it was important to us to include this in, our list. 

So basically, you can get the Google Pixel, the camera app on your device.

 I assure you once you install the app, you shall see a major difference, in the picture quality.

 Especially in the portrait mode and night mode., And thanks to the XDA-developers, who have, an entire database on availability of GCAM apps, for different phones, so you can check, that out.

Moving on, if you have friends that have no boundaries., Well, here is a way to make one., What you can do is you can activate the screen, pinning option in the Android settings.
Just look for Screen pinning under the Android, security features and you are good to go., This way the other person won’t be able, to switch to other apps until you want them, to, pretty useful right?
Now I know a lot of you are not into the habit, of using Google Assistant.

 But if you are, then, here is a trick for you. Ok Google, good morning., By the way, this was my daily morning routine.

 But personally, I think Google routines is one of the best features of Google Assistant, because, here Google does a bunch of tasks, on just a single command., Like what the assistant should do, should, it play music if yes then which one and different, other things., And similar to this, Google has a bunch of routines. And all of them can be tweaked so I think, it’s a pretty amazing feature If you are fond of a dark mode on your device, then you will definitely like this.
 Did you know that you can also have a dark, mode on the Google Chrome app.

 For this, you will just have access the Chrome, flags and turn on the dark theme experimental options. And since the feature is still in working, you might see some errors in the implementation, of the dark background., Moving on, here are some tricks for you if, you have Android Q installed on your device, right now.

 And by right now, I mean people who have installed, Android Q beta 
3. Of course, if you haven't installed it yet feel free to skip this part. 

Ok so one of the best things with Android is that you now have the option of changing, the theme of your Android device and android secrets tricks You Should Try-

 You can find the settings in the developer options. 

Also, the themes are system-wide so that’s, a pretty cool feature.

 Also, since the Android Q pill button is gone,- earlier you had to long-press to open Google, Assistant, this time, there is a new method., Though, it’s not very smooth.
 So, guys, those were some android secrets tricks for Android devices.

 Let us know in the comments if these tips, helping you, and which one did you already,,,,?



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