Friday, May 8, 2020

How to Facebook page verify 2020

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Facebook tips and tricks: If we say in simple language how important Face book page is. Your own existence in the market or any business organization can also be called the side of promotion and prosperity. And if you have verified Face book page then it is easy to find you.

 face book tips and tricks: And if you have a Face book page that is popular with everyone, someone else can follow it and run using your name or the name of an organization. So verified pages help the buyer to find the right page.

1. Enter the Face book page you want to verify first.

2. Then click on the Setting option at the top of the page's menu bar.

3. Then you will see there is an option called General menu on the left side, click there.

4. Then click on the option called Verify this Page.

5. Click the Call me now button and give your mobile number.

6. And enter or set the verification code on your page.

7. If you want, you can verify with the required paperwork.

And especially if you want to see the details about this, the details are given in the official helpline of Face book.

Let us know that all the pages are eligible for verification. Facebook tips and tricks.

1. Familiar or famous person.

2. Media personality, politician personality, sports or music personality.

3. The middle of the business is the global brand.

4. Government officials

You need that paper to verify your Face book page. face book tips and tricks.

1) Copy of birth certificate.

2) Copy of passport.

3) Copy of driver's license.

The tasks that you must complete.  Facebook tips and tricks.

1. Your page must be "About" complete.

2. And you have to add any official



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