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Facebook ID Verification Tricks in 2020

Facebook identity verification

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Facebook identity 

We all want to know about Facebook ID Verification Trick. We need an identity card to verify the account. Specifically, we want to know how to create a fake ID card to recover Facebook accounts using an Android phone.

A few people utilize online phony ID card generators, counterfeit Facebook ID generators and phony card layouts. In any case, trust me, these are not working.

I am writing about it. Then you can learn to create any type of ID card including NID, Business ID, School ID, Fake ID card making etc.

Facebook ID verification strategy

There are many reasons to disable an FB account. * You may have used a fake name or a stylish name. You may have used an auto bot like / reactor / comment site.

Else, you have been accounted for by anybody (your adversary).

There are many spammers; they use different ways to deactivate the account. Facebook improves their security day by day. With the goal that clients can't utilize counterfeit records

Fake accounts are harmful to FB authorities. They do not want fake IDs. For that they sometimes lock our ID and ask for a picture of our face or a number for verification. It's easy if they want numbers and pictures. However, if your ID is disabled, you need to know Facebook identity verification

Many people search on Google to find out how to recover a disabled Facebook account Facebook so many questions are asked such as to confirm identity, upload an officially issued identity card whose date of birth and your picture are there, any identity card movement published by you, Facebook identity Verification problem, confirm identity with facebook phone number, facebook A. Confirm your friends' identification Confirm Facebook identity Bypass, Facebook official ID verification

Official evidence Facebook bypass. All the people are very curious about their Facebook account they want to get it back anyway
On Facebook I saw many posts about how I can recover my Facebook account from the photo ID verification process. I get a lot more emails about how I can recover a Facebook account. Ask for Facebook Photo ID verification. It's no secret that Facebook has occasionally asked them to verify their identities with a copy of a government official. Issued ID card. Or sometimes they request something like a school ID card and more.

Reason for the account of Face book disabled users.

1. Because of a phony name or phony Facebook profile pic.
2. Because of sending lots of friend requests to strangers or you are getting too many friends day by day.
3. Dew to share 20 more posts together. (You can only share 20 posts per day)
4. The right to upload something like yours violates the rules of Facebook.
5. Someone has reported your Facebook account.

Facebook ID verification strategy
Bypass Facebook Photo ID verification using the Tunnel Bear app
Just follow the steps below to verify photos with Tunnel Bear VPN service on your Android device.
»First download the Tunnel Bear app or any other VPN application from the Google Play Store by searching for Tunnel Bear or other VPNs like DroidVPN etc. searching
Register yourself for their VPN service and activate your account by verifying your email address. »Now open the application and select the location Japan and connect them to the Japan server.
»Now open your Facebook profile through the browser.
You will see that they will ask you to verify your date of birth and other account information or your mobile number.

»Just fill in the details correctly and reactivate your Facebook account.

I will explain three important ways to get your Facebook account back here.

1. Government Proof FB Bypass
2. Making fake government-issued cards.
3. Uploading your current profile pic (discovered by me)
(For those who do not want to upload a real photo ID card, we must apply the third process)

How to verify Facebook account with ID card?

1. Bypass the photo ID card issued by the government

Fill out this form and you will need to upload your valid government-issued ID, such as your passport or driving license. And many more cards you can upload the example given below.

Green Card, Residence Permit or Immigration Documents, Birth Certificate, Personal or Vehicle Insurance Card, Marriage Certificate, Official Name Change Document, Voter ID Card
Non-Driver Official ID (Initial Disability, SNAP or National Identity Card)

So if your deposit is made in the right way, facebook staff will return your account within a period of 5 or 6 business days.

Note: If you do not have proof/photo ID issued by the government, you can submit copies of 2 other documents which together show your full name, birthday, and photo.

Any 2 proofs in the list below will be required
Example: credit card, utility bill, school or work ID, library card, bus card

You only have to submit your proof once and wait until Facebook reactivates it, it can take
Sometimes you will check to log in to your account every day during approval. However, do not send your photo ID card every day, which will violate the rules of Facebook. Try something. Just upload a photo ID card once or twice.
Some people submit evidence more than 1 time per day or which is completely against the rules, you should submit evidence only 1 time.

2. Making fake photo ID cards

Nowadays a lot of people face photo verification, fake information has been disabled by updating the profile so I have no worries that you can reactivate your FB ID again by creating a fake ID proof using the fake ID generator application. Follow the steps below

Steps: 1) First download the Fake ID Generator app. 2) In the wake of downloading, introduce it, and open the application. 3) Fill in your name and DOB (Fill in the DOB and name that you provide in your FB profile). 4) Choose a counter try and you can upload any color picture. 5) Finally, click "Generate". It became your fake ID proof ready. 6) Now move the bottom written like crop and a fake ID.
And upload to Facebook to see if they unlock you

3. Uploads your current profile pic. (Discovered by me)

This method is really great. Personally, I have discovered this method and it is working too. I have some conditions. Those who do not want to upload your original photo ID card must try this method. You need to upload your current profile pic to what was before the disabled account. Don’t worry about whatever they are. Whether your image was original or not, upload the same account that previously disabled your account. And wait 3 days to log in to your Facebook account. Enjoy you will get it back.

How long does Facebook ID verification take?

Facebook will activate your Facebook profile ID within 30 minutes to 1 day when you upload your officially issued identity card. It is up to Facebook to decide how soon they will respond or how soon they will receive your ID card.

After uploading the officially issued ID card, they will reactivate your Facebook account. Don't worry, just sit back and wait for the upload.



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